North Carriageway Carcanet 1976
Third Person Carcanet 1978
Half Moon Bay Carcanet 1993
Dinosaur Point Smith Doorstop 2000
Voting for Spring Smith Doorstop 2010
You Should've Seen Us Smith Doorstop 2012
Out Of Deep Time Wayleave Press 2016

Verse Drama

Herod Royal National Theatre 1979
Never West Yorkshire Playhouse 1996
Cook's Children Theatre in the Mill, Bradford 2000

On Creative Writing

Writing In Action Routledge 1996
The Routledge Creative Writing Coursebook 2006

Essays and Articles

On science:
'The Quantum Uncertainty of the Narrator'
Poetry Review Vol 85 No 1, Spring 1995

On poetry:
'Poetry in the Hands of the Receivers – Tony Harrison's 'v';
Class and Language in 1980s Britain' in Britishness and Cultural Studies: Continuity and Change in Narrating the Nation, published by SLASK, Katowice, Poland, edited by K. Knauer and S. Murray, 2000.

'The Jewel You Lost: Ted Hughes, Birthday Letters' and 'Liberating Mercury; the poems of Edwin Morgan' in Contemporary Poems, Some Critical Approaches, edited by P. Sansom and L. Jeffries, Smith Doorstop Books, 2000

Essays on contemporary poets, including Ted Hughes, Roy Fisher, Jeremy Hooker, George Szirtes, in The North , edited by Peter Sansom.

Poems, reviews and articles also published in Poetry Review, Stand, Outposts, Critical Quarterly, PN Review, The North, Magma, Lines Review, Verse, Ambit, Poetry Wales , Writing in Education, Dreamcatcher, Smiths Knoll, Word, Poetry and Audience, The Compass and Eborakon.

Work in progress: an essay - ‘Hierarchies of Experience. Philip Larkin, Geoffrey Hill, Ted Hughes: a retrospective’

Two paintings based on Fra Angelico’s Annunciation. To be installed in the Church of St Mary The Virgin, Cratfield, Suffolk.